In 1992, Postgraduate Medical Education Co-ordination Committee (PGMECC) was formed in coordination with Bir Hospital. MS General Surgery was started as a post graduate course with four students enrolled in the first batch. Since 2004 IOM is running its own PG program separately. The programs accept foreign nationals also who are mainly from India, Maldives and Bangladesh. Each year 8 to 10 students are enrolled in the program. In 2018, 10 students were enrolled in the program there were five students under scholarship (PG program of Health Ministry, Govt. of Nepal), three from the government service quotas, and two foreign nationals.

The current population of 30,062,470 as of Sunday, April 10, 2022, based on the latest United Nations estimates. As of 2022, there are only 400 surgeons registered with the Surgical Society of Nepal and of them, two third to one fifth are out of the country. At best, there are about one surgeon for 700, 000 population which is way too less.   Most of the surgeons are working in the cities and the people of the rural areas suffer from lack of emergency surgical care.

The master of surgery training program is aimed at providing basic surgical training to produce surgeons with skills and clinical acumen, capable to work with utmost efficiency in the remotest areas of the country.